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winner stormmof the year.... with snow alling at 2 or 3 the danger that could be facinn residents along the coast. how the uge winter storm in new england could have an impact in 3 weekend and whhn temperaturrs &pcould hit 50 again ii myy skywatch forecast. p deadly fire. fire."it's a little bit scary, 3 how its ttrned into a possible 3 pnvestigation. and afib froo a 3-year old. eating? othing. you dddn't -3 eat anythhng? yea... nothiig. 3 pte youtube video that has so 3 hello,.... i'm jeff arnd. 3 and i'm aren parks a powwefullblizzarddis pummeling thh norrheastttoniiht with 3 as people in that area hunkerr downnin their hooes.
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&ppooes. most... f... maryland... is expected to be spared... he wwrst of that &toniggtt.. with some... cold... rain... and headaches 33 travelers...//. keithh daniies... is... streammng live... in our mobile trak... with a look... at how the roods.../ and... coping at the airpprt.. keitt. keith. jefffand karen...... we're crriiing alonn the jooes faall expressway....and in our mobble trak weecan actually &pdrive and showwthe road pet mm show you hat's haapening now...... we've got a light rain.. just enough to akk the roads slippeey ann tricky. you can see tte wet, drive wwth care. aad tonighh, most airlines are operatiig ith caution too. -3 3 3 earlier tonight.. weewere at bwi--hurgood marshall airporr.. where we aw dozens of flights to and from thh nortteast canceled. accordinggthe fliiht-traccing website, flight-aware, airlines canceled
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more han 4-ttousand flights today and tomorrow in advance offthe storm. stiil, ppssengers arrived at bwii tonight...hhpeful the icked weather in the northeast would plans. -3 3 3 (mr. sitkauskas/traveler) but i know the airllnee are, they gottt be safe. so, phopefully the eeays will be minimal."(ms. paroolek/traveler) "well, we'reegoing south! soo we haven't had ny delays yet. we're hoping that ww can get -3 out of here before we get the snow and thh sleet annd everyttinn that they're predictiig foo tonnghtt" .........a messy predicition.. buttas far as tte roads, at &pleast in ouu area.. no major & problemss live......, keith daniels, fox 45 news at tee.. &p3 winner stormmnemo is hammeriig the nortteast tonight. tonight. 3takeea looo at thh snoo right now in massschusetts. tte 3 sideways. there's alleedy areas.
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3 and the storm caused a run on supplies all over the northeast. this grocery store in white plains, new york looks like a sceee out of post-3grabbed all the canned fooo they could carry along with & bottled water and anything that would hhll thhm over througg the storm. tonight & almost every grocery store in 33 impossible to ggt to. farther nnrth in cumberland maane the weathee & caused a 19 car pileuupon -3 interstate 225. thhefirst car spun out of conttoo on the ice and five other cars slammed to 9 cars as drivers ept slamming intoothe pile oo cars, unable to stop oo he ice. 3 3 that ssorm... is... dumping snow... tt the north. nnrth. but how wwll it impact maryland? maryland? &plet's gooto meteorologist emily gracey for a look at what's apppning noow.- now.
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close.. you can access the latest information right on -3 your cell phoneego to foxxaltimore dot com and look for "mobile" at the top screen. aap for your drrid or i-phone. 3 what... beggn... as... a faaal firee.. -3 now ...has hommcidee detectiies... iivvstigating woman....//janice park ... &pstreaminn live... in... northwest baltimore,.../ 3 the street... has been blocked janice??eff,neighbors say they are hearrbrokee, that their neighbor, a young wommn...was 3 homicideedeteccives...have been combiig each inch of this - hhuse...gutted oot by a firee.. and her death is nnw beeng 3 suspicious.
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& "flames ere shhoting ouu of the roof, just aalot of smoke" a light rain falls on highhate day turns to pight....fireeighters are 3 pettetives. 3 "allli ssw was confusion everywwere and i was ust & happening"arrond 2:30 p- m...fireffghters rush iito tte home of woman who neiggbors say was in herr30's..- fireeighters sayyshh as ddad &pby he time ttey got to her... her ody, lyynggon the basement floor was hours, homicide deteetivee went in and ouu of the gutted home...anddherrdeath is being called suspicious: suspiiious:"ittssa little bit scary, i hope it's not someone going around purposely oinn this" this""she wassa quiet private person, didn't bothhr anyyne, 3 neighbors say theeyoung woman had only moved in 44or 5 months aao...ann kept to
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herself.tooighttneiggbors say they really never got the &pchance to know: knoww'ittwas senssless, senseeess that someone had to lose their life" 3 neighbors say this victim was very low key...they mainly only saa her going to work...and the only visitoos phey reccgnized would be hhr baltimore, jp fox45 news at ten. 3&ptheeteen... accused... of opening fire... at... perry hall high school .../ will be tried... assan 3 15-year-ood... with attempted murder..../his attooreys ...wanted the cass... moveddtoojjveniie court.../ but a judge... denied that request..... prosecutors say 3 the cafeteria ...on the first day of schooll.. 3 17... & -yyar-old... daniel borowy critically injured.... //- he... survived.. . 3 an... &pannapolls wooan... remains behind bars.../ charged ...with kiillng her... two year old.... ddughter..... john... rydell... tells us.../ police... uncovveed... disturbing detaals... about what haapened... happened... 3 at bay ridge gardens...aa
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security guard...turns aaay visitors. but one of its returning...anytime soon. 25-year old chhllsa behhnd bars...chhrred with -33 killing her two year old - daaghter kaasidey.(rydell) "detectives say they were 3 complex on wednesday afttrnoonn after neighbors became 3 seen chelsea booth here, thhy had not seennher two year old daughter in seeeral days." 3 laying on top of her daughter, pmothering her. (williams) & "through the ourse f the 3 information thht the body was placed into the dumpster at the housinggcomplex."but when police searchee...the discover he booy.afttr checking wwth trash haulers...they trackeethe a waste transport facility...miles away in jessup.that's where aa team of 20 officers and firefighhers combbd through - ((illiaas) "we went out there --3 and pretty exhaustive ssx
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hours, looking thrrugh trash yesterday,,we were able too find the little girl."while a - uuclear...charggng &pdocuments...say chelsea booth told detectives...the girl's father...put quote- a muslim curse...on her.and she believed...her daughtee was an evvl spiritt chelsea booth...noo faces mulliple chhrges...including murder...and child abuse. in - annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. 3 if... convicttd... of alllcharges.../ chelsea boothh ...faaes... life inn rison. 3& police are still searching or the suspect who fatally 3ravens parade doontown. downtown. police releasedd these photos of thh suspect wearinn a white cap, purple & hoodie and tan pants. he's 3 triple stabbinggoutside the mcdonalds on howard and -3 fayette stteees...police say -3 the victim, 15-year-oll deonte smithhwas downtoww for he suppr bowl celebration tuesday. aa oveehead policc camera, accoss thhe & street from the mcdonald's,
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caught images of the accuaa ptabbing his young victii. if you have aay informatiin about this case.. call bltimore police.. 3 3- 3 pirst on fox,...// victims rights... dvocatess.. &pafter ... the.... stabbing death... of... a... - 33-year old... pregnant mom.../ jjff abell... -3 p shows ss.. why,.../ some... experts &pbelieve,.../ the 3 her..- detectives spent hours garrison crime scene thhs -3 week.....but heyy idn'' ave to look far to find their stronnest cluee the haddl ....had provided it...... one week before she was stabbed to death at her garrison apartment, hadle had in a reeqest with the court....she described years - of ttreats from an ex-bbyyriendd..... even whill locked up in state prison....she told the court threatening hhr life..... -3 the ssate rel;eased hm two weeks ago....but after her requess foo protection, the state ordered himmback. ((:46::1) (abbll) "but
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police couldn't get tyo shiplett fast enough ees han a week aftee hadle had written phat she fearee for herrliif -3 shiflett as aarested and (4:51135) "why do we want to release a man that we know is a threat to someone who he has eesy access to....?" spent herrcareer ightinggfor victimm of ddmestii vvolence. and in this case, the (4:51:00)) "maybeeour 3 phey couud did waht thhy could -3 but the system failed. thge systtm failed katie and resulted in her murder." even though county poliie -3 insist fficers wwre keeping -3 watch on the victim..... alexander says....the killing points to a crisis..... - (4:56::0) "its a very chilling message toovictims it says not only can't your criminaa justice system protect you but often it won't fox 45, news at en. 3 locked... tonight....// & facing murdee charges.
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its not my intention to offend anyone." 3 ccrson did raiss some eyebrows in a sseech he delivered with the president only a few feee -3 away. what he said about big goveenment commng up. 3 the super bowl blackout. the final report on whattactually caused this major power utage. 3 3 33 and the crowd oess amazing first-ggade free throw. 3 3
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3 atesha blue, an arundel middll school teacher has been placed on leave tonight after thissiicident n her classroom. &pclassroom. 3 3 the vvdeo was possed oo yyutuue by onee f her students.&p n the video, blue oes on a 13 minute tirade againss one of her femmle students and the & clear what sttrted the leaddnn up to the inciient but some parents aae outraged at what happened. heeschool is investiggttig the incident. - 3
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3 we... told - you... this week...// 3 released... a dire... report... on... city finances.../ projeccing... massive... deficits in tte future, .../// fox 45.... has... akee... a - closer look... at... -3 what's áddivingá... baltimore's fiscal wwes..../ we scrutinized... ágenerousáá pensions.../ and... healthcareecosts city employees. ...// tonight... we... take a look... at... spending ...that gets less attention.../ bottom llne llne 3 whht does this prime piece of inner harbor real esttte and this low income housing project called perkins homes have in common?a tax break the new headqarters of ennrgy giant exelon built on this coveted piece of land will ggt plentyyof tax reaas.that'' because the city used the low income of ressdents of one -3 quallfy the gliztyyand gllmoroussinnee harbor eass offiie complex for taxxrellef itts a penchant for granting 3 projects some say is partly tt blame for the ciiy's current fiscal troubles02:29:39"the citt has been very short sightee when it omes to & development, t hass essentially
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given away a huge part of ts tax base."earlier this week mayor stpehanie rawlings released a bleak report on city financee3306:10 "the financcillforecast teels us we need toodo moreeand we - plan to do more>"it projeets $750 million dollars in - deficits over the next ten - yeerss:52235"our property tax reveeues have been dropping.. but hen ii comes to tax breaks for development, thee 02:30:15"you can go arounn the 3&pyou will find very ffw &pbuudings that reeievd eether a pilot or some osrt oif pbattmeet.""n fact, he mayor recently rollld out a plan to expand tax aaatements for major apartmenttbuildiigs.and pox 45 obtained this internal report which revealle the city & has givve $$14 million dollars & of development projeccs in the -3& not only adding toothe citys
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current fiscal oes but continue to row.12:31:46"the -3 city has been geared for governing on a basis of pooiticcl pressure from developers."an expense thaa may now e too costlyyto ignore 2:30:28"it's a zero sum game." joy lepola, fox45 news at ten. in light of some hiihly publicizedcases involving the pbuse ofthe elderll...and &pdisabled...somestate llwmakers aae rrsponding. responding.several bills are & peeng onssderedto crack down oo care-givers...who break thh && bill would reate a 3 givers...who havebeen convicted of abusing vvnerable adults. - 3 (gllnn) "if you are the 3 reeistry ss thattttat would follow you everywwhre wwere -3 you woulddapply or a job so people woold know thht yoo've been uilty of beating a vunerable adult." 3& lawmakers say the current - methodof bbckground checks...mayyonly revealthat sommone wassarrested ffr assault...ann ot necessaaily
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of a vunerableeadult. 3 a... weet ballimore school ...this orning.../ after... ... parboo monoxide scaree scare.hazmat crews ... -3 were... callld... to... westside elementary school... &p n... north fulton avvnne.... the boiler oom..... and... staff....were evacuated ... while crews... worked to ventillte... the builling...//. resumed... a short time... later....// no one was injured. &p3 more homes in baltimore willl & alarms......because offa grant from b-g-e b-g-ethe ideaato apply for the - grant came up after this fiie in east baltimore n october... ... whhree5 people weee killed. that's when the ity's fiie chheff.. ggt a phone call rrm - the nationnl fallen - firrfightees foondation. 3 iq: e said, you know..oq: and ppltimately receive these smoke alarms alarms
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the fireedepartmeettwill use the money to buy more han 800 new smoke alarms.theefire department will install smoke -3 deteetorrsfor free.cityy residents juut needd o call 3-1-1. &p renowned ... johns hopkins surggon ... dr. bee carson ... s... making -3 waves in washington... this weee..../// &pdoctor... carson... spoke againss political correctness, .../ debt,... obamacaree...and... big government... with the president... sitting only a few feett away..../in... a... & speech... at theenntional prayee breakfast... / / -3&p3 dr carson spoke for mmre than panging frrm eeucation to perronal responsibility. right off he bat, e spoke about hisa disdain ffr politxcal correcttess... correctness...2:511-3:099n:now &pfelings on their shoulders" out:'you can'' tak about dogs like that" that"
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3 his eynote took a sttrkly political tone, ask,ing how & thh most poweeful nation ion the pmet have such a poor edicatuonal program? program?16:11--16:40in;'we cant fford toout;;thhey're all mportant to us dr carson added usuall we are 3 anchient rome aa a prime &ppxample oo how history is cycliccaa... cycliccal...ancient rrme eepirical nations....- 17"17--11:33in:ut what -happened to them?out"start reaaing
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carson then discussede healthcare... a sensitive &ptopic were the doctor and the ppresident do ot aggree agggre21:06--21:37in;"we spendd a ot of $ on health care out;"death panels 3 3 dr. carson ended his speech.../ citing... our star spangled banner...// & and... how americans... havv áálwaysá been 3 ptooheer all of dr. ben & carson's speech log n o & go to the
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news mmnuand thhn click on thh -3 "your voice" ection. & 3 and that brings us tt our you think americans are too reliann on goverment haadoutss 3 3 head to our facebbok page and the question has toucced off a heated debate tonight, bbt the & majority are saying therr are too many government aasistance programs. & 3 3 and you can hear from dr. carson this weekend live on -3 pur weeeend morning news. 3 only here onnffx 455 3 úenergy offfcials... in... new orleans... say... ttey... nnw... know... what causee the power outage super 3 and... it... wasn't ...beyonce'...// 3 "we have traced the cause of sunday's outage to an -3 electrical rrlay device. thee device was specifiially installed to protect tte mercedes-benz supprdome equipment in the event of a cable ailure between the - ssitcc gear and the stadium." ptadium."
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3 thh ellctrical outage at the superdome delayed tteegame between the ravens and 49-ers for 35 minutes. p3&pa speciaa honor foo aaformer pavens player. works aa a member in of the teams fronn office was honored at the baltimmre spoot lleends 3 lou gehrig'ssdisease that has leetthim without the use of his arms and legs.anddhe has - to use his lips and eees to controlla computer that speaks for hii. the rrvens sayyhe's -3 an nspirrtion tooplayers and the ommunity. tonight o-j and pis wife rrceived the babe ruth birthplacc foundation 3 p3 fresh off a super bowl win-- ravens' wide receivvr torrey smith visits a paltimorrecounty elemenntry & school-- encouraging students tt eat right and staa fit. fii. amber miller...
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was theee... and... spoke with... the uper bowl champ. champ. 3 ((nat sound up))
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to play 60 prrgram. it's ust aamzing.>((nat sound up)) teachees are grateful ssith's messageewill help them to encourage their studentt to ((sot- kristinaagrahh)) > ((sot--jayqqan jenkins)) &pas a fuel up to play 660 school---chase elementary can apppy for grants before other schools are afforded the opportunity.the school commits po ppomoting healthy eattig ttrrey smith, thh ravens' mascct ppe has also visited the school. 3 & 3 joe lacco... had his turn earlier this week... -3 and... - last night... ii was john harbaugh... who sat downn.. with david lettermaa. letterman.the raaens head ccachh.. talked about hat it - pas like to compete againstt his rooher... in the super boww...
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& youuwakk up thinking, 'oh, thank ggd -3beat him,' or, ''o, i won, don't know hat thattis." harbauuh: ""ou know, you do beat him.' you do, yes. it you know?" (udiince laughs) laughs) 3 his brother since the gamee 3& super bbww... standout ...jacoby jones... also... - maae an appearrnce... on late - night v... / sitttng down with jimmy -3 kimmel.../.jones woree...a ravens bandanna around hhs - forehead ...and... sunnlasses ..... to covvr his bllodshot eyes... / he &p...while yylling and celebrating so wildly. 3 "iq: i busted a blood vessel in y eyes from excitement.... oq: exacclyy(laughing)" (laughing)" 3 jones scored ...two touchdowns... in... the ssperbowll.. includdng a 108--aad kickoff reeurn.../. when askkd about his famous touchdown dancee.../ p jones admitted... to praaticcng his moves head of time. 3 "iq: you're known ffr your touuhdown dances... oq:i'll be
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in the mirror practicing." practicing." 3 at ....the end of his - appeaarnce,... jones told kimmml... hh ould likk to bb on abc's dancing with thh ptars. p a fiist grader in bethesda is a local legend tonight. -&ptonight. matter... day... school... let... him.../ take... a... freee- thhoo ... shot.../ phe... frrday... before the supee bowl, .../ if....- tte... school... would 3 off. 3 3 blaae harper hit the shot
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wwld. the shot from the charity striie eaaree the entireeschool an xtta day to celbrateethe raaees victory. 3 pou can see all our coverage of he ravens suuer bbwl on ourrwebsite fox baltimore ddt com.just clickkon he charm from the postgame celebration... includinn player interviews... and instagrammphotos. p33&p an internaaional manhunt for aa accusee cop killer.. the string of murrers and gunfire that's following a forrer police officer. 3 lance armstroog cculd faae serious criminnl charges. wwat he's offering 3 any potential jailltime.
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3 lancc armstrong... charges...// for... of....performance enhancing drugs...///. if he oesn't get charged he couud still have to return millions of dollars in winnings. but as ed lavendara explains, armstronn may be illing to testify aaginst other drug users in exccange for reduced penalties. pennlties..- 3 a year ago, lance armstrong was told by feddral proseeutors that the wo-year investigation into his use of performance enhaacing drugs was over. no charges would be fileed"so here we are in austin, texas ..."thee last mmnth, rmstrong confessed to years of doping. despite the confession, the united states attorney innlos angeles said
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the case wwuld remain closed. "we made a decisionnon that & case aalittle ovee a yeer ago. obviously, we've beennwell aware of the statements that have been mmde by mr. armmttong in other media repoots. that has not changed my view aa this timee"now it appears possible federal investigators aren't quite readd tooggve up. aa spokesperson forrthe federal drug administrrtion which has been investigaaing armstrong, tells cnn it's "still an ongoinggmatter." and citing a high level souuce, abc news reports agents are looking into chaages of obbttuction, intimidation and wiiness tampering.attorrey: you have yyu never taken perrormance enhaacinn drugs in connection to your cycling career? 33 exchange during a 20005 depooition is in the middle of 3 "and our contract require that --3 we pay him..."a dallaa-based & insurance company is demanding that armstrong pay back aammst - 15-million dollars in bonus money for winning multiple &tour do france titles."mr
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armstrong thought he would never be ccught. of course, he & has been caught, exposed, & confessed, admitted essenniaaly tt perjjry. and so we're simply going to ask him to finally live up to his word armstronggs attornees argue tte insurance company has no because f this 2006 seetlemenn agreement which reads, in part, "no party ay challenge, appeal or attempt to settaside the arbittatiin -3 award." armstrong's atttrney says, "it is leer as day the -3& pnsurance commany has zero right to reooen the matter.."- banned substancessto enhance your cycling performmnce?" armstrong: "yes."since lance armstrong's interview wwth pprah winfrey, theedisgraced cyclist has disappeared from public view. once prolific onn -33 twitter, he hasn't ssnt outta tweet in nearly a montt. andd & his ppofiie page nowwends wwth these words of wisdom ... "met & patience in 1996 but only now am i getting to know and & appreciate her." the united - states anti-doping gency has
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&pbanned lanne armstrong for lifee ut did say that theeban could be reduued tt 8 earssif armstrong agreed to ccoperate with investigatoos under oath. ed lavendera, cnn, dallas. 3 thursday morninn .../ p the... new york times... repooted... that... armstrong... is talking... too.. the u--... &pantt-doping agency.../ to... áposssblyá... disclosee.. who helped him dooee dope. 3 it isn't clear if that deaa would lessen the sanctions 3 3 a car slaas into a bar. the damage caused by one woman 3 3 mcmaaon sayy: ""ur folks are highly trained and this is what we traineddfor." for." on the trail of a former policeeofficer who is & you inside the maahunt for the man who says he's trying to clear his nameeby killing - 3 3
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3 police... inn.. three western states-- and mmxico-- / arr... still l-a... cop -- / people --/ ann... threateniig... dozens more..../// alicia.... acuna in l--a.../ where... police say.... the rampagee.. sttrted... as.. a.. twisted queet... for revengg. 3 3 mccahon says: "our folks are highly trained and this is despite the frrezing temperrtures and snow, tte
10:39 pm
manhunt for christopher dorner near southern california's big bear ski resort carries on. mcmahon says: "we arr gging to continue searchinggfor him until we either discover he leff the mountain or we find him, one of the two." the last signssoffthe fired l-a-p-- officer were thee trackk leading away from his burning ruck - found on thursday. mcmahon says: "we have no evidence at - this pointt." thh search isn't isolated to the big bear prea -- it stretthes across califfrnia, neeada, arizona and northern mexico. it - includes the home f dorner's -- where policc executed a ssarch warrantt dorner posted a manifesto online vowing to hunttdown policeeand their families. ii namms targets dorner blames for getting hii kicked out of the force years ago. now the fired coppsuugests he won't be taken alive. the maniffsto says: "self - preservaaion is no longer important to me. i do not fear death as i died long ago." l-a-p-d chief chhrrie beck says the former naval and he knows police and militaryytactics insiie and
10:40 pm
out.beck saas: "the lapd is his specifii target, but aal law enforcemmnttis targeted. -- you know, this is a endeeta against all of southern california law enffrcementt" 3 man barely escapes & death after a woman ccasses and it's all caught on cameea. he bartender says he was ppepping for the diiner crowd....when the 70-year-old driver plows busiiness....baaely miising sudden leap over tte counter.. -3 luckily the man bruisss. nn word if the driver will receive aay citations. 3
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3 3 shot toss --- winter sttrm nemo 3 3
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3 valeetines day is worth &pmore than sooe countries. the massive amount of cash ww're & going to be shelling out or 3 nobody liies me, everybbdy hates me, ggess i'll
10:45 pm
go eat dirt. theeplace where mud is tuuning into a deeicacy.
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a flawed comppter program is making life difficult for poteetially millions f veterans.a new, nearly 300 million dollar digital syssem was supposed to speed up claims. claims. but as kristen razao tellssus ..... its done more damage thhn good for veterans and taxxayers. taxpayers. 3& pntsnd war video ]trt=:02 after they come home veterans knoww a bbttle still looms. & obtaining benefits from the va has always been like pulllng teeth. a new process caaled the veterans benefits & manaaement systee as thought to be the answer to many, many takes to process vvterans claams. as it turns outt-- that new, costlyyssstem is a complete failure -- making it far worse than it ws before. [sot joseph sots]ii 50:19 "one progrrm after anooher, after &the only ones being hurt by phis are, our vettrans."trt=09 [va eexeriors]the va spent 273 pmillion dollars for software
10:49 pm
3 to digitiil and inimize errors. but as phillip swarts, with the waahington guardian, discovered -- the vaafailed to propprly test the softwa. [take sot phillip ]sot in 51 "iivestigators in the of oofice of inspectoo general aren't sureethat the system ccn be fixed and they are worried that it miiht need to - be scrapped and compleely start back from square one." 3 new ssstem?[standup]sot in - "va employees told innestigators - under the old 'paperwook process itttook about four minutes to prrcess a claim. under the shhny, new takes 18 minuues to do thh &psame work."trt=[broll of vv] and the inspector general found that the va plans to & spend more money -- an on the samm system in the cominn months.[broll interiorr is thh commanddr of an & served in the army and air ffrce.[take soo phiilips]take sot in 50:03 "come toofind out how much money has been squandered, somebodys' head ought to roll ---especiaaly, in the veterans adminissration."trt=:06i'm kristnn frazao reporting.
10:50 pm
3 theeinspector general says the va did not other to run realistic tests before purchasing the software. more - on thaa byygoing to fox baltimore dot com nn washington guardian. 3 p3 dirt... is... now... a delicacy. delicacy. a... japaneseerestaurant... & is....serving... dirt for dinner..../// the... chef ssys... soil... is pne offhis sppcialties..../ he offers things likee... "soil soup"....and....potato balls ...topped with dirt sauce...///. he... only uses ... virgin soil...../ to... avoid unpleasant chemicaas -- / and,... the cookinn ...gets rid... of ann sand...///. p you... might think... this... - sspper... would be ...dirt cheap...///. but... a... six-course dinner... can cost... more haa.... 100----uccs...// a... side... of peat moss.../// is extra..../// 3 3 the orioles get 2 pieees of bad nees...the pitcherr ho won't be rrturniig and the &pother ooe who may never throw
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-3 a pitch for in spprts unlimited... 3 how many billionn will it take tt say i love you..- the massive mount offcash we'll be spending this valentine's day.
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3 what's harder than winning a supee bowl...repeatiig.that's teams have done it, the steelers twice.and the lass - time... 2004 and 2005 courtesy tte paariots. patriots.why so rareebecause
10:54 pm
it's how the league is designed with the salary cap.. that's why in the n-f--... eacc team roster... esides maybe 20 household names.... looks different yyar to year. basically whaa i'm saying... cherish thhs season.baltimore wwn it's seconddsuper bowl in 13 years... .and with joe flacco going to demand a hhge chunk of the salaryycaa...a parbaughhdoesn't care. "i doo't really believe in the deeending champ thing. it's not boxing. they doo't give pou a beet, and yyu fight ffr thh title. we were the & champions. thh 2012 nfl champions were the baltimore ravens. next year's champion depends on who lays the best, who handlls adversiiy the best, who comessout n top. we'll fight for that chammionship juss like we fought for the last one and evvryone we'll fight for 3 different. eeery season poses different challenges. this was that'll be different, but our guys are up to theetask. our ggys are just the en for the job, and i can't wait to gett & started."
10:55 pm
3 to the warehouse...theeorioles will not bring bacc their best post season pitcher from a - year ago...joe saunders ii now a mariner... the birds were only willinn to offer a 1-year deal to the veteran leftt...whichhis what -3 he got from seattle for 6 ann & a half million dollars... saunders tarted 2 ggmes in tte playoffs for the o's bad news....t looks like the jair jurrjens deal hit a snag...hh stilllhasn't assed his physical...if heedoesn't, his time in baltimore will be 3 p3& some good news...the oos &pagreed to one-year deals with leaving ight-handed reliever - darren o'day as the only remaining arbitration-eligible player uussgned... 3 anquan boldin addresses his futurr innthe haloti ngata finds out if he - needs surgery...coming up on the late edition... 3 get ready ... to... turn vvr ...yyur paycheck cupid... this thursday. thurssay. 3 ammricans... areegoing to spend ... nearly... 19- -billionndollars... this... valentines day...///. the... average person ...will spend... 131 ollars... on ccndy, flowers, and jeweery ...this year.../.. that's...
10:56 pm
& up... five dollars... from llst year...///. men... spend....twiic as much... as wommn ...on the holidaa.../ and.... that... doesn't eeen include... the dinner tab. & p for... that pricey... romantic... dirt... &pdinner... :100: "john what are you eating? nothing. you didd't -3 eat anything? yea... nothing. é p a fib from a 3-yeaa old. the youtube video that has o many people wwtching. 3 ...and coming uppin just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition...22:57:55 and the winnee is... how a fox-45 contest left onn couple stunned. 3 and an e-mail hacker targets former georgg w bush and his father weee targeted. 3 3
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
the jaakpot is up to á400 -& dollars.áyour next chance too win in ur freebruary contest... monday on fox45 morning news.
10:59 pm
3 a 3-year-old boy triee to pull mother...but as this video posted to youtube shows... the evidence doesn't lie. -3liee:10-:32 "john what are you eating??nothing. yyu didn't eat anytting? yea... nothing. john look at mommy. ou didnt'

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